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NECO 2017 June/July Time Table

  ==================== Monday 5th June 2017 Practical: Physics – 10am – 12:45pm Paper 1: Written Comprehension – French – 2pm- 3pm Paper II: Written Expression – French – 3pm – 4:45pm ==================== Tuesday 6th June 2017 Paper 1: Drawing – Visual Art – 10am- 1pm Paper IV: Creative Design – Visual Art – 2pm – 5pm Practical: Metal Work – ... Read More »

Jamb CBT 2017/2018 Practice Questions And Answers

  Here you can test your JAMB 2017/2018 ability if you are fit for the examination ahead of you, select the test subject and you are good to go remember at the end of each test there is a mark and points are rewarded as well. GOVERNMENT TEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST ENGLISH COMPREHENSION TEST MATHEMATICS TEST CHEMISTRY TEST PHYSICS TEST ... Read More »

Neco 2017 Expo Subscription Page


Notice: Note that we Have Gotten All Practicals Questions and Answers, So Subscribe now o get it Early. The National Examinations Council (NECO) Board 2017/2018 section is at hand, coming up latest june/july ADVICE: A serious Student would go vividly extreme miles to see his or her success coz no one would be happy to say am going to re- ... Read More »

Jamb 2017 Questions And Answers Base

Jamb 2017 Is easy with us the amount is #4000 once this payment is made you have to send us your subject and your mobile number including your jamb registration number we are using your jamb registration number to get your exact questions and we will solve this questions and send them to you not every one knows about this ... Read More »


  FULL CHAPTER TO CHAPTER SUMMARY OF INDEPENDENCE [JAMB RECOMMENDED NOVEL FOR UTME] BY SARAH LADIPO MAYINKA CHAPTER 1 Tayo is the first Nigeria to receive a scholarship to study at Balliol College, Oxford. He visits his relatives in the village of Ibadan before travelling the next day to uncle kayode’s house, another relative in Lagos. On the day he ... Read More »

Jamb 2017 Latest Update

Jamb 2017 will be hard compared to JAMB written so far. The new JAMB syllabus will be approved this year. Any aspirant reading JAMB past questions should stop and purchase JAMB’s new brochure. It was also announced that each candidate will put a good passport photograph not black and white and thumb print before entering examination centres. It was also ... Read More »

SCAM ALART: Jamb 2017 UTME forms not yet on sale – JAMB

2017 UTME forms not yet on sale – JAMB The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board says it has not started the sale of its 2017 admission application documents, warning prospective candidates against falling victims of con-men. The JAMB’s Head of Media and Publicity, Dr Fabian Benjamin, on Monday said that the board would adequately sensitise the public before the sale ... Read More »

Jamb Cbt 2017/2018 Expo Answers

  Welcome to your No #1 online  JAMB CBT 2017 real expo and runs …… Our Jamb 2016/2017 Candidates Results As Prove >>>>> CLICK HERE JAMB UTME  online registration is not on and for serious candidates  who want to score high up to 270 and above in the year (2017) jamb cbt here is the best opportunity for you, don’t dull because ... Read More »

Jamb 2017 tips that will help you score 300 in JAMB CBT

As 2016 comes to a close, many students are preparing earnestly for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations now known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The 2016 admissions were filled with confusion and controversy as the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu brought about various changes in the process, ranging from the cancellation of the Post UTME to ... Read More »

Jamb CBT 2017/2018 Answers

Welcome to your No #1 online  JAMB CBT 2017 real expo and runs …… Our Jamb 2016/2017 Candidates Results As Prove >>>>> CLICK HERE JAMB UTME  online registration is not on and for serious candidates  who want to score high up to 270 and above in the year (2017) jamb cbt here is the best opportunity for you, don’t dull because your ... Read More »

Neco Gce 2016/2017 LITERATURE IN ENGLISH drama and poetry Answers

1.harvest of corruption is a played that has a central thematic preoccupation of high place corruption. Ochuole is am old school friend of aloho. Through the discussion between. Aloho an ogeyi we are introduced to her wayward character right from school. No wonder her unholy relationship with chief Ade amaka. Chief,being a corrupt public official used ochuole in actualizing his ... Read More »

21 Common Examination Instructions Words And Its Meaning

Analyse Take apart an idea, concept or statement and examine and criticise its sub-parts in detail. You have to be methodical and logical. Assess Describe a topic’s positive and negative aspects and say how useful or successful it is, or consider its contribution to knowledge, events or processes (this is usually about how important something is). Criticise Point out a topic’s mistakes or ... Read More »

JAMB CBT 2017 Subject Combinations

JAMB Subject Combinations for Sciences 1. Medicine and Surgery: Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry 2. Agricultural Engineering: Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 3-. Computer Science: Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography 4. Biochemistry: Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry 5. Biological Sciences: Use of English, Biology, ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016/17 Cost Accounting Answers

3a) The principal budget factor is the factor that limits the activities of an organization because such a limit/constraint will have a pervasive effect on all plans and budgets. The limiting factor m 3b) i) Sales Budget:Sales budget is the most important budget and of primary importance. It forms the basis on which all the other budgets are built up. ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016 Physics Practical Expo

1a) xi(cm)|yi(cm)|zi(cm)|W1(Nx10^-2)|W2(Nx10^-2)|u=(w1-w2)(Nx10^-2)|v=(w1-w3)(Nx10-2) =>1.80|1.50|1.70|3.6|3.00|3.40|0.60|0.20 =>3.80|3.00|3.00|7.6|6.00|6.00|1.60|1.60 =>5.50|4.40|5.00|11.10|8.00|10.00|2.20|1.00 =>7.30|5.90|6.60|14.60|11.80|13.00|2.80|1.40 =>9.20|7.30|8.30|18.40|14.60|16.60|3.80|1.80 =>11.10|8.30|10.00|22.20|16.60|20.00|5.60|2.20 1bi)Relative density, or specific gravity, is the ratio of the density (mass of a unit volume) of a substance to the density of a given reference material. Specific gravity usually means relative density with respect to water. 1bii) given volume of solid immersed Vsi =1/2*30cm³ =15cm³ Density of liquid (water)ew= 1g/cm³ Acceleration ... Read More »

2016 Waec Gce C.R.S / I.R.S Obj And Theory Answers

C.R.S ANSWERS CRS 1.CBDABDCCCB 11.CDCDCADDBA 21.CDAADCCBCA 31.CBCDACCDCD 41.DABABABDBB 3a) 1kings 3:5 at Gibeon the Lordappeared to Solomon during the night in a dream, and God said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” 6Solomon answered, “You have shown great kindness to your servant, my father David, because he was faithful to you and righteous and upright in heart. You ... Read More »

JAMB to Scrap scratch can for UTME 2017/2018

JOINT Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) Registrar Prof. Ishaq Oloyode said yesterday the board would abolish scratch cards to register for and check results, with effect from 2017. Oloyode, who spoke at the National Executive Council meeting of the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) in Abuja, said students would generate a PIN number for themselves from their phone or computers before ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016 Agric Practical Questions/Answers

  1ai) To determine the presence of microorganisms in a soil sample 1aii) Conical flask I : At the end of the Experiment , the lime water in Conical flask I will turn milky Conical flask II : At the end of the experiment, the lime water in Conical flask II will remain clear 1aiii) Fresh soil contains living organisms ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016 Government Obj And Theory Ques And Ans

GOVERNMENT OBJ 1-10CAADADADAB 11-20AABCABDDAA 21-30ACAADADDCD 31-40BABAACACCA 41-50BABAACACCA 1a) delegated legislation is define as act of transferring powers and functions through the acts of parliament to other organizations such as ministers, local governments, public cooperations. (NEPA, WATER BOARD) etc 1b) i)To give room for flexibility ii)To conform to local needs iii)To bring government closer to the people iv)To use in the ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016/2017 Economics Obj/Theory Questions And Answers

Verified Econs Obj 1-10:ABBCABDCBA 11-20BABABDCBAB 21-30ACCBCBCDAC 31-40BBACDDCBDA 41-50ACADBACBBD (3a) (i) Want: want simply means the desire or wish to own goods or services that gives satisfaction (ii) Scarcity: scarcity refers to the limited available resources used in satisfying the unlimited human want. (iii) Scale of Preference: this is refer to a list of individual wants in order of their relative ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016 Chemistry Practicals Questions And Answers Ready

Please use the answers below 1)ai Burette reading in cm3| 1 2 3 Final reading. | 39.25 29.80 19.40 Initial reading| 19.55 10.50 0.000 Volume E used in cm3| 19.70. 19.30. 19.40 1)aii Average volume of E used = 19.30+19.40/2 = 19.35cm3 Iaii average volume f c use =19.30+19.40/2=19.35cm3 1bi) From the information given, nD=1, nE=2, CD=?, CE=0.0905mol/dm^3 VD=20.0cm^3, VE=19.35cm^3 ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016/2017 Physics Obj & Theory Questions & Answers

Verified physics obj 1-10 ADDCCCDDCA 11-20 DAD-DBBCAB 21-30 BBDBB-BADC 31-40 -DABACA-BD 41-50: ABCDCBDACD 1) Velocity of projection U_p =10m/s T= sqr root 2h/g Where H=1 G=10 T=sqr root 2*1/10 =sqr root 0.2 =0.447s V=UsinTita + gt V=10sin90 + 10*0.447 V=10 +4.45 V=14.5m/s 3a In physics, a standing wave – also known as a stationary wave – is a wave in ... Read More »

Waec Gce 2016/2017 Practical And Physical Geography Questions And Answers

Geography practical 7a)-Flood -Earth quake -Volcanic Eruptions 7b)- Air pollution cause Acidification: Chemical reactions involving air pollutants can create acidic compounds which can cause harm to vegetation and buildings. – Air pollucation causes Eutrophication: Rain can carry and deposit the Nitrogen in some pollutants on rivers and soils. This will adversely affect the nutrients in the soil and water bodies. ... Read More »