Friday , 28 July 2017
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1. Which of the following financial assets consist the lowest rate of interest in Nigeria?






2. Which of the following is not a form of business organization






3. A rational consumer will adjust his spending pattern so that






4. Disposable income is the same thing as






5. The Lagos clearing house is






6. Malthus became famous through his theory which may be stated simply






7. The largest liability appearing in the book of a commercial bank is






8. Bondholders are treated more favorably than shareholders because






9. Production covers all but one of the following activities:







Economics is called a social science because it is






11. A Tax which takes a higher percentage from higher incomes is called?






12. Price control cannot work in Nigeria because






13. A budget deficit means






14. Which of the following is not true of the theory of optimum population?






15. In economics, production is complete when






16. The effect of the demand for product A caused by a change in the price of a product B is called?






17. A commercial bank is unique in that it is only the institution that






18. The following is NOT a reason for the existence of small firms






19. Which is NOT a direct effort to increase Agricultural production in Nigeria?






20. Which of the following is NOT strictly included In the study of economics?






21. Which of these would not be included in the fundamental principle of a free enterprise economy






22. Marginal cost is






23. When elasticity is zero, the demand curve is






24. By ‘trade by barter’, we mean






25. Which of the following item in the balance of payment of account is an invisible transaction?






26. The foreign exchange market is a market where






27. Which of the following statements is true?






28. The expression ‘terms of trade’ is used to describe






29. Which of these would NOT increase population of a country






30. Suppose that the equilibrium price of an article is N5.00 but the government fixes the price by law at N4.00, the supply will be






31. If the demand of a product with perfectly elastic supply increases, there will be






32. Inferior goods are referred to in Economics as goods






33. Opportunity cost is a term which describe






34. Which is an example of an invisible item in the trade Account of Ghana?






35. which of the following is not true about occupational distribution of the labour force of West Africa?






36. As consumption of beer increases, its marginal utility to a drinker will






37. Which of the following sector of the economy is estimated to be the largest employer of labour in the country






38. The biggest source of government revenue in Nigeria is






39. Less developed countries obtain foreign exchange reserve mainly from the export of






40. Which of the following activities of government precludes the existence of a market economy?






41. The optimum population of a country is reached when






42. In order to build up its capital stock, the typical less developed country should ideally






43. An increase in liquid reserve requirements by the central bank of Nigeria will result in






44. Which of the following can be regarded as a liability of a commercial bank?






45. Which of the following is a term used to describe a payment representing a surplus in excess of transfer costs?






46. If a company doubles all its inputs and discovers that its output is more than doubles, we can say that the company is experiencing






47. The advantage of sole proprietorship is as follow







Which of these should determine, in a planned economy how the factor of production are to be allocated among different production activities






49. If the consumer demand for product X increases as the price of product Y decreases we can be fairly certain that X






50. A distinguishing characteristics of a consumers’ cooperative is the fact that






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