Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 13]

Ngozi is at her boyfriend's boss's office to negotiate his salary raise while she is on her knees with his dick in her mouth.

Ngozi pressed for the top floor and when the lift doors closed, she opened her bag and used the mirrored walls of the elevator to add a touch of a lipstick to her bright red lips. She looked staggeringly sexy.

For some reason she had naively assumed that the office would be empty by now, being that it was after work hours, but unfortunately when the lift doors opened, Ngozi saw there were still a few people working around at their cubicles.

Nobody had looked up yet though, so she immediately started walking quickly along the central hall to the large doors at the other side of the room, which she hoped led to Mr. Gbenga's office.

As soon as her heels began clicking along on the wood floor, a few of the employees did look up. A look which was followed by a double look, before finally they just stared longingly in her direction.

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She noted with pride that their mouths were slowly opening, as their heads all turned in unison as she passed by. Ngozi felt a ripple of excitement surged through her.

Emeka had never introduced her to any of his colleagues, except for his boss. So she wasn't worried about being recognised. Fortunately for her, it wasn't her face they were all staring at. Her breasts were jiggling rhythmically upon her chest as she walked with confidence towards the door. Some of the guy's heads were even subconsciously bouncing along in sync with them, which made Ngozi chuckle.

As she reached the doors, she was relieved to see Mr Gbenga's name plaque emblazoned on it. She knocked and nervously waited to be invited in.

"It's open." Came a loud voice from inside.

Ngozi was surprised how modern the interior to his office was. Large pieces of modern art, along with framed posters of awards the company had won, adorned the walls. There was a lot of ceramics and glass. In fact the entire wall was one huge window, which had an incredible view over the city of Lagos.

The only thing in the room that looked old-fashioned was the large Fela picture in the centre of the room. Saying that, the man that owned the office was older than her too.

"Well well well, you are a real sight for sore eyes!"

A compliment Ngozi was unable to return. She had assumed his unkempt and ugly looks had been the result of having been drunk the other night, but he looked the same now as he did then. His large circular nose, was a sign of someone who enjoyed a drink, probably more than they should. Little did she know that he had a few glass of alcohol to calm his nerves before she arrived.

He was more handsome than Emeka of course, but few people were less attractive than that ugly dog of a man. However he looked older and frailer than he had in her apartment the other night, possibly due to his office's unpleasant lighting. Still his piercing eyes and his slight resemblance to Olu Jacobs, gave him an air of authority which made her knees weaken.

Gbenga was stroking the loose skin around his chin, as his stern eyes roamed up and down the sexy lady's incredible body.

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Ngozi could feel her insides melting under the intensity of his investigating gaze, but she was determined to remain calm and in charge.

"Hello again, Mr Gbenga. You did say I should come this week, so here I am."

"You are most here. God, let me have a look at you." He stood up and walked towards her. Ngozi noticed that he already had a rather large bulge straining the material of his trousers. Maybe he had been getting warmed up without her? The truth was Gbenga had struggled to keep it down all afternoon.

She offered him her hand which he bent and kissed.

"Damn you look good enough to eat." He spun her around, enjoying every angle of the sexy outfit she was wearing.

"Are you sure you don't want a job? I would hire you as my personal assistant in a heartbeat."

"No thanks, I have a job."

"So you want a tour of the office do you?"

"Not really." Ngozi's eyes narrowed teasingly.

"I see so, you came by just to see me, didn’t you? And dressed like a slutty secretary.

You know you could give a man the wrong impression if you aren't careful." Gbenga couldn't believe his luck, he thought he would never see Ngozi again after their encounter the other night. This was too good to be true.

"You hinted the other night that you would be willing to offer Emeka a salary rise. I'm here to negotiate terms." Gbenga's eyes widened in excitement.

"Shall we sit down?"

"Yes of course." Gbenga went and sat back at his desk in his large leather chair. He had expected Ngozi to take the seat opposite, but she came round to his side of the desk and sat on the edge of it.

She crossed her legs knowingly slowly. Gbenga gulped as her short skirt rode up at the side, revealing the top of her lace black panties.

"So how much will Emeka's pay increase by when he gets this new promotion?"

"Uh, well um, let's see, the…err." Gbenga was clearly discomposed, he was fumbling with his crotch as his eyes darted back and forth between her face, her breasts and her thigh.

"The…err…usual rate is a…err… a 10% increase…"

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"10%? I can't see us affording a new apartment like you suggested we could, with a miserable 10%! No, no, no, that won't do at all." She chewed her lip, whilst playfully running a finger across the top of her breast.

"Well then…what did you have in mind?"

"I'll show you." Ngozi smoothly slipped down onto her knees and crawled between the old man's legs. He groaned as she raked her long sharp nails up along his thighs and began to unbuckle his belt. Maintaining eye contact the entire time with the now visibly shaking Mr. Gbenga.

"Oh God. I think I'm going to like your negotiating skills."

"I bet you will." With that she pull open his zip and pulled his dick free. It was a good 8 inches long and nicely thick. She spat onto it and wrapped her fist around his swollen hard dick.

"OH CHISOS!" Gbenga gripped the armrest of his chair with all his strength as Ngozi slowly began to pump his dick in her hand.

She moved her head closer, her eyes now worshipfully fixed on his pre cum leaking dick. Her warm breath so close to his engorged member, sent shivers down his spine.

"D…did I say 10? I…I meant 15%"

"Oh I think we can go higher than that, can't we?" With that she flicked out her tongue, loving how his dick flexed and throbbed in her hand, as she licked the underside of his sensitive tip.

"You want me to suck your big fat dick, don't you Mr Gbenga?" Gbenga nodded enthusiastically.

"Then increase your offer." She dragged her tongue up along his shaft from the base right to the tip, which she kissed teasingly.

"T…t…t…twenty percent!"

"Hhhmmm that will do…for now." Ngozi enveloped the head of his dick with her mouth, forming a tight seal with her lips. She swirled her tongue in circles around it, savouring the salty taste of his pre cum.

Gbenga's breathing became more stuttered and erratic as inch by inch, she took him further and further into her mouth. His fingers were becoming numb, he was gripping the chair so hard.

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"Oh yes! You beautiful girl you. That's it baby! Oh my goodness!"

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