Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 14]

Mr. Gbenga is so impressed with his staff's girlfriend's blowjob that he called him to offer him a promotion, as she is sucking on his dick while he's on the call.

He banged his fists against the arms of the chair and groaned with delight as Ngozi managed to work his whole length into her tight warm throat. She locked eyes with him, her bright eyes into his cold eyes, as she reached the base of his dick. His eyes then rolled back in his head.

He was the picture of pained lust, a sight she could never tire of. His shaft was smeared with her bright red lipstick as sucked her way back up to his circumcised tip.

She soon acquired a slow but steady rhythm. Her hand pumped the base while her mouth worked the first 4 inches in and out of her mouth. Miraculously Gbenga started to relax into it.

The shock was subsiding and he was now just beginning to fully enjoy the most incredibly erotic display his eyes had ever witnessed.

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Every time he tried to quicken up proceedings by thrusting upwards to meet her mouth, Ngozi would stop and shake her head at him. The same also happened if he tried to hold her head down, she would bat his hands away and shake her head teasingly.

It was starting to irritate the man who was so used to getting his own way all of the time. He liked to be the one in control.

Without Ngozi realising what he was doing, Gbenga turned on his laptop and went onto Skype. "I'll show you who the boss is." He whispered.

He was due to have a conference call with Emeka later on that evening, to see how his meetings were coming along, but the urge to call him now was becoming too great.

Ngozi nearly choked when she heard her boyfriend's voice saying hello. She released Gbenga's dick, and stared up at the man fearfully.

Edging backwards slowly, she retreated into the darkness underneath the desk, thinking for one maddening second that Emeka had just entered the room.

"Hi Emeka, I'm just checking in. Have you had much success?"

"Hi sir. I was just writing up some reports to email over to you actually. I wasn't expecting your call so soon." Came her boyfriend's cheerful reply.

"I've been doing a lot of networking and I think I've made some really valuable connections actually."

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"That's great to hear. Yes sorry to call you so early but I've made plans for this evening you see."

"Not a problem sir."

Ngozi finally clicked that they were having a conference call. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her anger at Mr Gbenga for calling Emeka in the middle of her giving him a blowjob, quickly subsided and was replaced by a burning horniness as she listened to her oblivious boyfriend happily chat away about work. So the old bastard wants to play games does he?

"As I was saying three companies so far have seemed very interested on our ideas for their product. I've already arranged second meetings with all of them tomorrow."

Ngozi crawled back into place and reached for Gbenga's dick once more.

"G…good." Gbenga smiled inwardly, as he felt Ngozi begin to devour his hard dick once more. But he was stunned when she suddenly dip her mouth down around it and began rapidly forcing him in and out of her throat. "GREAT! I mean that's g…great!"

"I'm so glad you are pleased, sir!" Emeka was beaming, he had never heard his boss be this enthusiastic about any of his work in the past.

"That is fan.. oh my God..tastic! That really is. K…keep going. I mean keep up the good work!"

Ngozi was turned on beyond belief. She slid her hand into her soaking wet panties and began to vigorously rub her engorged clit. This made her hum with pleasure around his now upwardly thrusting dick. She even allowed Gbenga to hold her head down in his lap as he fucked her face with increasing force.

"UG! UG! UG! UG! UG! UG! UG!" She couldn't stop from gagging slightly, every time he buried himself in her tight throat.

"Thank you sir that means a lot. What is that weird noise by the way?"

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"Weird noise? I'm not hearing it, must be the network." He had to let Ngozi's head go or he was going to shoot his load before he was ready. She then dipped her head down and started to suck hungrily on his hairy swollen balls.

"Wonderful! That is wonderful…news that is. I think it's about time we considered you for a promotion young man!" Gbenga moaned with pleasure, which he then covered with a cough.

"Sir! I don't know what to say. Thank you, Thank you so much. I can't wait to tell Ngozi!"

Ngozi got a huge thrill from hearing her boyfriend mention her name, while her mouth was full of one of his boss's large testicles.

She starting sucking on each one in turn, releasing them from her mouth with a loud pop, while her fist resumed pumping his hard veiny shaft.

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