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1. Fluid, basic lava flow is likely to give rise to a volcanic





2. A fog is most likely to develop when a





3. Which of the following zones is the least industrialized in Nigeria?






4. The main use of the Abney Level in surveying is to determine the





5. Urban floods are mainly caused by





6. Which of the following phenomena is not directly related to the revolution of the earth?






7. Which is not exported by the Republic of South Africa?






8. How were the major mountain belts of the world produced?






9. In which of the following countries is commercial grain farming an important occupation?






10. Which of the following currents has a warming influence upon the coast along which it flows?






11. The period when the earth is furthest from the sun is





12. The main advantage of the chain survey over the prismatic compass survey is that the former






13. Two factors which promote rapid chemical weathering in the tropics are






14. Mixed farming implies






15. Inter-regional trade between countries in West Africa is promoted mainly by






16. Which purpose is NOT served by the Kainji Dam?






17. The heavy dark soil associated with floodable valley-bottoms is a





18. The Middle Best of West Africa is NOT characterised by one of the following. Which one?






19. Which of the following factors must account for the rapid increase in world population during the twentieth century?






20. Which of the following has the highest mean annual rainfall?






21. On a population map of the world, all but one of the following appear generally as regions of low population density






22. The vegetation of the warm Temperate Eastern Margin is characterized by





23. Smooth oval hills composed mainly of boulders or glacial sands and gravels are known as






24. Which of the following is a major environmental problem in heavily industrialized regions?





25. Which statement is NOT true of the middle belt in Nigeria?






26. A World Title Boxing contest took place in New York (75°W time zone) on a Tuesday between 21:30 and 22:30 Hours and was televised live. When did viewers in Lagos (15°E time zone) watch the contest live on television?






27. Which of the following lakes owes its origin mainly to faulting?






28. Which ONE of the following statements about the railway lines of Africa is false?






29. The length of a year is 365(1/4)days because that is the time it takes






30. Which of the following factors least explains the fast growing population in Africa?






31. Which one of the following countries has an export trade which is dominated by a single mineral?






32. Name the most important industrial mineral of Ghana






33. Which of the following gradients is the steepest?






34. Temperature is to isotherms as air pressure is to






35. When the gradient of a river channel changes from a steep to a gentle angle, the main activity of the river will be





36. Which of the following towns is NOT a pre-colonial town?






37. A traveler crossing the international Date Line from America to Asia at 12 midnight on Sunday, would have to change his watch to 12 midnight on





38. The greatest volume of shipping across the Atlantic Ocean is






39. Which of the following most accurately describe the climate of coast lands which are adjacent to cool ocean currents?






40. Pick out the incorrect statement






41. The wearing away of the sides and bottom of a river’s channel is called






42. If a scale of 1:50,000 is reduced by half, what is the new scale of the map?






43. Which pair of activities would you NOT find in an equatorial climate? 1. commercial grain farming. 2. rice cultivation. 3. lumbering. 4. plantation agriculture. 5. dry farming






44. Which of the following provides the best location for a bakery?






45. What does subsistence agriculture mean?






46. Which of the following type of agriculture would you expect to find around a big city in an industrial society such as in Europe?






47. What is the Nile valley best known for?






48. A typical example of landforms produced by marine erosion is a





49. Lakes formed as a result of landslides, screes or avalanches are known as





50. In many areas, limestone rocks are resistant to water erosion on their surfaces and form uplands because of their





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