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Where the constitution is supreme,unconstitutional acts of the executive and the the legislature can be checked by the courts through






The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of






Which of the following is true of a parliamentary system of government?






The central point of capitalism, as expounded by Karl Marx, is that






A constitution that requires a plebiscite or a referendum to be amended is









6. An important function of a constitution is that it





7. when a bill passed by the legislature is vetoed by the executive, the action underscores the principle





8. In the legislative process, a bill is pass





9. One of the advantages of a bicameral over a unicameral legislature is that it





10. The fundamental rights of citizens include rights to





11. The manipulation of boundaries of constituencies in order to win more seats is called





12. One argument against a multi-party system is the





13. Associational interest groups are organized to





14. public opinion is a view that is






The political neutrality of civil servants implies that they






16. The idea of making the civil service permanent, neutral and anonymous is to






The western zone of the Sokoto caliphate was administered from






Some pre-colonial Nigerian societies are described as stateless because





19. The method used by the British to facilitate the administration of Southern Nigeria was





20. A major function of the warrant chiefs was to





21. After 1945, the demand of African nationalists changed from reform to independence because





22. When Nigeria achieved independence in 1960, the head of state was the





23. Delegated legislature becomes unavoidable when





24. One major disadvantage of public opinion is that





25. Citizenship in a modern state expresses the status of a person who possesses





26. Delegated legislature becomes unavoidable when






One major disadvantage of public opinion is that





28. Citizenship in a modern state expresses the status of a person who possesses





29. Communism is a system which recognizes





30. The delineation of constituencies is a major duty of the





31. The structure of the civil service is based on





32. A common feature of a multi-party system is that government is formed by





33. To qualify for absorption into the administration cadre of the civil service in Nigeria, an applicant must be





34. The final interpretation pf the provisions of a federal constitution is vested in the






A major issue that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is






Proportional representation is a system of allocating seats in the legislature based on





37. The application of the principle of separation of powers seems impracticable because powers is





38. When did Nigeria gain her Independence?





39. The central legislature of Nigeria became bicameral in





40. Which of these constitutions recognized local government as a third tier of government in Nigeria?





41. Under the 1963 constitution,items not listed in the exclusive and concurrent list were within the exclusive competence of the





42. Before Nigeria became a republic, the highest body charged with the administrator of justice was the





43. The equivalent of the commissioner at the local government level is the





44. The Independent National Electoral Commission has the power to prepare and maintain the register of






The president of Nigeria is advised on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country by the






The Nigerian Youth Movement collapsed as the result of





47. The first restructure of the Nigerian Federation took place with the





48. The land use decree of 1978 vested the ownership of land in Nigeria in the






The main source of financing local government in Nigeria is





50. The most remarkable legacy of the 1976 Local Government Reform in Nigeria was the introduction of





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