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Graphic photos: American woman stabbed to death by burqa attacker in Abu Dhabi Mall

American teachers in Abu
Dhabi were warned that
jihadis were threatening to
kill them just weeks before a
47-year-old was stabbed to
death in a mall by a burqa-
wearing murderer.

According to MailOnline,
Ibolya Ryan, a mother of
twin 11-year-old boys, was
left dying in a pool of blood
by the murderer after what
police said was a ‘brawl’ in
the toilets of a mall.

Detectives today released
CCTV footage which showed
how the suspect – whose
gender they say they have
not confirmed – lay in wait
for the teacher for an hour.
It suggests strongly the
attack was a targeted

As security guards rushed to
the scene of the killing, her
attacker calmly got in an
elevator and walked out into
the car park.

The assailant – who police
believe could be a man
wearing a burqa – left
behind the weapon, a large
kitchen knife.

The victim – who is divorced
from the father of the twins
– described herself in an
online profile as a teacher at
a large kindergarten called Al
Oula in Abu Dhabi

The CCTV footage establishes
that the woman spent at
least an hour apparently
waiting in the toilets of the
She entered the mall from
the car park at 1.12pm, and
a minute later was on the
mall level where she got out
of the elevator where she
approached a security

After apparently asking for
directions – there is no
audio footage – she moved
towards the restrooms,
picking up a free newspaper
on the way.

An hour and a half later she
left the toilets – at precisely
the time people are scene
reacting to the horror.

In a statement, the US
embassy listed extra
precautions for US citizens,
saying they should avoid
crowds and places they did
not know previously, and
‘minimize their profile in

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