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1. The immediate cause of the January 1966 coup d’etat was





2. The 1922 Clifford Constitution restricted the franchise to





3. Muhammad es Sadek was a 19th century ruler of





4. After leaving Oman for East Africa, Sayyid Said established his headquarters in





5. A significant effect of the Christian missionary activity in Nigeria was the





6. Where was indirect rule practiced before it was introduced to Africa?





7. Certain chiefs in Eastern Nigeria were called warrant chiefs because they





8. A reason for the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 was





9. The white settlers in Southern Africa were known as





10. The greatest contribution of the Christian Missionary Society in West Africa was in





11. The greatest ruler in the history of Benin Kingdom was





12. The indirect rule system of administration meant that the colonialists





13. The Queen mother, Magira, played a prominent role in the government of the





14. The political party that controlled the Federal Government during the Second Republic in Nigeria was the





15. An Ethiopian monarch that committed suicide in a battle field was





16. The Yaba Higher College did not meet the aspirations of the nationalists because





17. The failure of the Ogiso dynasty in Benin was attributed to





18. Which of the following was a part of the Sokoto Caliphate?





19. Which of the following countries did the Murtala/Obasanjo regime assist during their struggle for independence?





20. The Ogaden war between Ethiopia and Somalia was caused by





21. The Nigerian Council established in 1914 was ineffective because it





22. Muhammad Ahmad was easily accepted as the Mahdi in the Sudan because





23. A major economic activity among the Nupe was





24. A major factor that led to the success of the Sokoto jihad was





25. The savannah region of Nigeria is characterized by





26. The Ekiti Parapo was an alliance against .





27. The creation of Mid-Western region in 1963 was through





28. A major contribution of Nigeria to ECOWAS is in the area of





29. The Oyo Empire collapsed as a result of





30. In colonial Nigeria, mining industry was promoted in order to





31. The main features of the economy of the forest zone of Nigeria in the eighteenth century were





32. A major similarity of the 19th century jihads in West Africa was that





33. The colonial government in Nigeria laid more emphasis on the production of export crops because





34. Paternalism was a colonial policy adopted by





35. Which of the following political parties formed an alliance in the Second Republic?





36. Samori Toure is often described as the “African Napoleon” because he





37. Two institutions of local government in Nigeria during the colonial period were native courts and





38. The Mfecane occured as a result of





39. The legendary founder of the Kanuri was





40. The main aim of the formation of ECOMOG was to





41. The Colony and Protectorate of Lagos was amalgameted with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria in 1906 to form the





42. The spread of Islam between the 11th and 14th centuries in Nigeria was largely due to





43. Armed resistance to British rule in Northern Nigeria ended with the conquest of





44. In 1887, a plot to depose Kabaka Mwanga was hatched by





45. Egypt became the centre of international rivalry because of the





46. An outstanding reason for the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was





47. The political parties that formed the opposition during the First Republic in Nigeria were the





48. In post-apartheid South Africa, the main concern of government is to





49. The Fashoda incident of 1898 resulted in a rift between





50. The Second Republic in Nigeria refers to the period





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