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1. ‘By Him who dominates my soul I swear that you are the Prophet of this nation … you will be abused and you will be persecuted. If I should ever live to see that day, I shall surely help the cause of Allāh’.

Who made the statement above?





2. If instead of four raka′āt a devotee observes five raka’āt in salat az-Zuhr he should perform





3. ‘Verily Allāh has prescribed the best behavior with regard to everything …’The above quotation from Hadīth 17 of an-Nawawi’s collection emphasizes the ethics of





4. A worshiper who remembers that he missed an obligatory step of ablution after he had finished praying will have to repeat





5. The Khulafā al-Rāshidūn reigned between





6. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?





7. After the Prophet (S.A.W) had migrated to al-madīnah, the first two major wars he fought against the Makkans were





8. The official compilation of Hadith was initiated by





9. The ninth year of hijrah is known as the year of





10. The first Qur’ānic verse revealed, instructed the Prophet (S.A.W) to





11. Having met all the conditions for the payment of Zakāh,Mallam Ibrāhim has five hundred Naira. How much should he pay as Zakāh from this amount?





12. Iddah, the waiting period after a divorce, is





The verse above (Q. 17.23) warns against





14. The Quyaysh boycotted Banū Hāshim because they





15. Which of the following Prophets was an ancestor of both Arabs and Jews?





16. Sadāq is the exclusive property of the





17. The verse means that divorce may be pronounced twice and then the woman must





18. The conversion of ‘Umar b. al-Khattāb was turning point in the history of Islam because





19. The expression “Man kāna yu ‘minu billāhi wal yawmil ‘ākhir fal yaqual khayran aw li yasmut” means a believer should





20. Of all the special prayer salat āl−Janaℎ is unique because it lacks





21. Sawn is the abstinence from eating, drinking and sexual urge





22. Performing Tayammum is justified when one





23. During the reign of Caliph ‘Ali, the seat of administration moved from al-Madīnah to





The verse (Q. 95.8) above means ‘Is Allah not’





25. The ′Iddaℎ period of a pregnant woman terminates at the





26. The difference between isnād and matn is that





27. Prophet ‘īsā spoke in the cradle and





28. Apart from the cleanliness of the body and clothes, the devotee who intends to pray must also ensure the cleanliness of the





29. The verse Wa la sawfa yu’tīka rabbuka fatardā is immediately preceded by





30. The treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah was expected to last





31. One of the conditions of Sunni talāq is that it must be pronounced





32. A father or guardian can give out his daughter or ward in marriage under the principle of Ijbār provided that the





33. A Makkan Sūrah with the main objective of reassuring the prophet (S.A.W.) at a time of distress is






The verse above means that divorce may be pronounced twice and then the woman must





35. The Sūrah that tells us the story of how the Ka’abah was delivered from destruction is





36. The battle of Siffin led to the emergence of the





37. In order to make Tawāf, you are required to keep the ka’abah to your





38. Sūratul-Kawthar concerns the Prophet’s





39. In the verse Yā ayyuhal – ladhīna āmanū lā taqrabus-salāta wa antum sukārā (Q. 4.43) Allāh is asking the Muslims not to attempt to





40. In Sūrat an-Nās, protection was sought from the evils of





41. Reference to a special night is made in Sūrat





42. Which of the following Prophets,according to the Qur’an, lived for not less than nine hundred and fifty years?





43. The success of the business venture which Muhammed (S.A.W) carried out for Khadījah was due mainly to





44. The five most important prophets in Islam were





45. The Prophet described as rūhullāh in the Qur’ān is





46. The Prophet’s uncle who lost his life in the battle of Badr was





47. The first tawāf which a pilgrim makes when he arrives at Makkah is called tawāf





48. The difference between isnād and matn is that





49. The social reforms witnessed by Arabia during the life time of the Prophet (S.A.W) included the





50. The main function of Angel Azrāil is





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