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Photo: 75 year old Man impregnates 13 year old girl in Oyo, says he’s ready to marry her



Crime Reports learnt that Pa Alabi was doing carpentry work for a lady under whom the victim was an apprentice. The young girl seized the opportunity to tell Pa Alabi to build a safe for her. After giving her the safe, Pa Alabi wooed the girl and she agreed to his proposal.

After the first sexual intercourse they had, it was learnt that the suspect gave the girl N200. When she also demanded for a handset, he gave her N1,500 to buy i-tel phone.

Four days after, they made love again. Both times were in September this year.

In an interview with Crime Reports, Pa Alabi admitted having sex with the girl,Speaking on how he came in contact with his victim, the elderly man said :

“I used to do carpentry work for her boss who sells tailoring materials. That was where I knew her. One day, she asked me to help her build a safe in which she could be keeping her money. When I finished it, I asked her to come to my shop for the safe late one evening and I gave it to her. “She used to pass by my shop whenever she was going home and used to stop by to greet me. On a particular day, I expressed my interest in her and she promised to think about it. She later consented and on one of the days she stopped to say hello to me, we had s.ex when I had an urge. And it was mutual. About five days after the first time, we had s.ex again and she stopped coming. “One day, she came to me and told me that her grandmother said she was pregnant. She stopped coming again and I didn’t see her again until policemen came to arrest me.”

When asked whether he knew that his action was in contravention of the law, Pa Muse replied that he didn’t know, describing the outcome of his relationship with the young girl as “an act of God”. He said: “Mistake has no master. I pray that God should forgive me.”

The suspect said he doesn’t use any s.ex performance enhancement drug before making love to a female “I don’t take any herbal drink for enhancement of s.exual performance. They are alcoholic and I don’t take alcohol as a good Muslim. I observe my five-times-daily prayers faithfully.” Pa Alabi said he was ready to take responsibility over the pregnant girl and the baby she is expecting. “I can take care of her adequately. I have a nephew who is a medical doctor and he has promised to help too,” he stated. The Police Public Relations Officer, Olabisi Okuwobi-Ilobanafor however said that the suspect would be charged to court.

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