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Photos: NASU (Lautech Chapter) Protest Over Issue Of Payment, Set To Embark On Long Time Strike

Non-Academic Staff Union of
Nigerian Universities (NASU)
Lautech Chapter is set to
embark on a strike action in
reaction to the refusal of the
Stete Government to pay
their salaries for August,
September, October and this
is December.

See Photos From The School
Campus as during
Yesterday Protest

The non-academic staff of
the universities Lautech
Chapter on Wednesday said
they would embark on their
strike action next week
except the government pay
the 3 months’ salary being
own them before then.
General Secretary, Non-
Academic Staff Union of
Educational and Associated
Institutions, told journalists
in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, that
members of the union were
being forced into embarking
on a strike action by the
refusal of the State (Osun
and Oyo) Government to
pay their salaries for August
and September.

The NASU scribe said, “NASU
LAUTECH Chapter will start its
own strike this week
Possibly on Thursday
because we have been
working and government
has refused to pay our
salaries. For us, it does not
make sense to continue to
keep the system running
when we are not paid our
salary. The reason for this is
not known to us.

“Workers in LAUTECH are not
paid their salary right now
and that is big challenge.
Osun State and Oyo State
Government has not paid
our salary for August,
September, October and as
we are talking now, today is
December 3, they are
effectively owing us three
months’ salary and there’s
no way we can continue to
do this work with empty
stomach, while they go
about running around the
globe with heavy stomach.”

“Nigerians would have
known that we deliberately
did not want this continuous
disruption of academic
activities because, of course,

Parent and Students are
complaining that those of us
in the academic world have
continuously ruined the
future of students by going
on to many strikes imposed
on us by the government.

“That is one of the reasons
why this time around we
did not want to necessarily
go on strike, but
government is pushing us to
that point and Nigerians will
have no reason not to
understand our position if
we start the strike by next
week.” – NASU Chairmean
Lautech Chapter..

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