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#ScamAlert: New Method In Which Scammers Defraud Unsuspecting Nigerians [Must Read]

‘My mum received a call this morning while
lying on her sick bed, it was someone who
claimed to be an FRSC official.

He claimed that there was someone involved
in a ghastly motor accident whom she (my
mum) knew and that she should call back…i
was already all set for work so i decided to call
the number.

‘When i did, the “FRSC” man asked where i
was and i told him i was in Abuja. He then
said that there was a ghastly motor accident
which occurred along the Lokoja/Abuja road
and a woman whom we supposedly know was

He said he got my mum’s number from the
woman’s phone and that though she is alive,
she is in a very critical condition.

‘According to him, the 3 people sitting down
beside her died on the spot and the woman
needed urgent medical attention.

‘He further inquired if i knew any Red Cross
number and i said no.

‘I told him to simply use the woman’s number
to call me so that i would be able to ascertain
her identity by tallying it with the contacts on
my mum’s phone or mine so we could know if
she was a close relative but he responded by
saying that there was no credit in the woman’s
phone and that he tried the “Call Me Back”
method which did not work.

‘He finally broke the camel’s back by saying i
should send MTN Recharge Card of about
N400 to him so he could load the phone and
call me back with it.

‘I told him that i would send him just N100
but he insisted it must be N400 or at least
N200. That was when it dawned on me. I was
so upset cos my mum is a High BP and
Diabetic patient which culminated to a stroke
months back and was still recovering in my
house only for them to spring this up on her.

‘I managed to calm both her and my younger
sister down by telling them it was a prank call
from a scammer and related my reasons to

If you are reading this and got a similar call,
please share your experience and for those
who have not, be wary…


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