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Survey: ‘300 Thousand UK disabled live in unfit homes’

A British charity has warned that hundreds of thousands of disabled Britons are waiting for adequate housing, accusing the Tory-led coalition government of failing those with disabilities.

The Leonard Cheshire Disability charity organization published a report on Monday saying some 300,000 disabled people are on waiting lists for suitable homes across the UK.

Those waiting are currently forced to live in accommodations that do not meet their needs.

The charity called on the British government to order the building of easily adaptable houses, so-called “lifetime homes”.

“Councillors need to show some understanding about what this feels like – and take steps to ensure houses in their area are suitable for all the people who live there, including disabled people,” said Clare Pelham, the charity’s chief executive.

The Local Government Association responded by saying that councils across the UK are trying to cope with the huge demand, but work is being hampered “by centrally set Treasury restrictions on investment in housing.”

The charity made a similar appeal earlier this year when it called on all new homes in the UK to be built according to “Lifetime Homes Standards”, with wider doors and walls strong enough to take grab-rails.

According to the charity, almost three-quarters of Britons with mobility problems do not have an accessible door into their building.

The number of the disabled people in Britain has risen over the past decade from 10.1 million in 2003 to 12.2 million last year.

Among the disabled are some 1.2 million wheelchair users across Britain.

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