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TECH:- The Top 5 Android Apps That Exhaust Your Data Bundle

5. Android Native Browser

Number 5 on the list is the browser that comes preinstalled on Android devices. While it doesn’t use as much data as some other brand-name browsers, it’s still a high data user.

4. YouTube

No surprise here, movie and video streaming apps such as YouTube eat up a lot of data.

3. Instagram

Social-media sites, especially those like Instagram that are image and video heavy also use a lot of data, especially if its users are not only browsing, but also uploading their own images and videos.

2. UC Browser

This is yet another browser on the list that consumes a lot of data.

1. Google Chrome

Out of all the browsers, and across all 10,000 apps we looked at, Google Chrome uses the most mobile data.

Some apps use a lot more data than others , and mobile-browser apps are high on that list, taking three out of the top five spots. Webpages can vary widely in size, with graphically rich sites eating up a lot of data for users. Roughly speaking, browsing about 10 pages a day will eat up 100 MB.

Are these apps what you expected the culprits that eat the most data to be? What other apps do you think are guilty of using a lot of mobile data?

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