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WICKEDNESS!! How Father Disvirgin, Almost Raped Her Daughter To Death In Lagos State. (Read Her Story)

A 14-year-old girl, simply identified Uzor has revealed how her father almost raped her to death onDecember, 2, 2014.

Uzor, who stays with her father, at No, 4 Akintunde Street,Oyingbo, Ebute-Meta, Lagos.

According to the little girl,she said her father raped her around 6:30am after she went to live with him.

She explained that she had been living with an aunt at Ikorodu after the demise of her mother until her father came to take her away.

Fighting back tears, Uzor said:
“I wanted to shout, but his weight was too much for me. My father is fat and I was struggling not to stop breath.

I was struggling to push him off!”
According to Uzor, after her mother died, she went to stay with her mum’s elder sister, at Ogijo, Ikorodu, Ogun State.

The woman was expected to assist the girl in furthering her education, but she did not.

“My aunt did not enroll me in school.

I used to hawk pepper and tomatoes for her.

My father was not pleased that my aunt did not enroll me in school.

He threatened to take me away.

He eventually came and took me to his house.”

Recalling how she was raped, Uzor said:

“I was in the room, sleeping when my father called me to warm soup in the kitchen.

Few minutes later, he called me to meet him in the bed room.

I thought he wanted to punish me when he called me, because I’m always scared of him and my step mother.

They treat me bad
Before I knew what was happening, my father had pushed me on the bed and pounced me.

He tore off my pants and penetrated me.

When he finally got up and left,
I was bleeding from my private part seriously.

I could not walk.
But I managed to call the attention of an elderly woman in our street.”

The victim said that after the incident, he left her on the bed and went away.

The woman she alerted about the incident, cautioned her, not to tell anyone.

The woman told Uzor, it was an abomination.

“Immediately I left the woman’s house, I went to a pay call center to call Mrs. Toyosi Bello in Ogijo.

I explained the incident to her,” said Uzor.

Mrs. Toyosi Bellothe Ogun State Coordinator for Center for Defence of Human Right said she was in Ogijo when she received the call from Uzor.

The following day, Bello went to Uzor’s father’s apartment.

Bello said:“I observed that the woman Uzor reported the incident to, is shielding her father from arrest.
Some elderly men in the area begged me not to expose the matter to the public as that would damage the image of the little girl in future.

The girl was immediately rushed to Federal Medical Center, unfortunately when we got there; the medical doctors were all on strike.”

Bello said the Uzor’s father has run away.

The girl’s step-mother was arrested, but had since been released.

Uzor had been taken to Project Alert, a non-governmental organisation that takes care of raped victims.

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